Introducing Contego Protego

Through the use of GPS technology, we have created a panic button offering students real time assistance for peace of mind and safety.


About Us

Contego Protego is an innovative security solution that empowers students and staff whilst on campus or in close vicinity to activate a personal panic button with unique, user friendly touch configuration. The signal is sent to security or support personnel with the students precise location, details and nature of  call, enabling for a rapid response to the student or staff in need.


About The Name

The name Contego Protego literally translates as 'The Shield that Protects' and represents the products capacity to serve as a shield and protect against danger. Within a higher education context issues of security and mental health are very real issues that students  and staff confront daily. The delay in activating the support that students and staff need can be a barrier both for the student and the 'protector'.  Contego Protego offers a student centred user friendly solution to protect by connecting the distress signal to the relevant stakeholder on campus so they can activate faster, more accurate and more responsive support.


Student Card Holder

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Contact Us

Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa


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